Climate Change Impact

Stories, Poetry and Local perspectives from Pakistan

Editorial Note

Together with our partner Institute of Urbanism we have supported a cohort of eco-journalists from various backgrounds and various levels of experiences to contribute to this dossier. Each of their stories features their own regional and provincial backgrounds and related thematic focus.

They highlight how climatic change resulting in extreme weather events, affect the people and other species in their locations and how they have found ways to adapt to these changes and challenges. 

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Climate Change and Its Impact in Pakistan

The show is called SpotLight TALK SHOW by RJ Adil on topic of climate change and its impact on Pakistan.
Climate Fellows 2021

Mavra Bari

Muhammad Arslan

Adeel Saeed

Rina Saeed Khan

Ali Jabir Malik

Shabina Faraz

Zareef Baloch

Abid Ali

Afia Salam

Adil Munir