Revisiting student politics in Pakistan

Book launched

Highly innovative and stimulating: this book provides a wide range of developmental perspectives to the study of student politics in Pakistan – a clear departure from traditional examination limited to political and ideological contexts of student action in campuses.

Revisiting students politics in Pakistan combines rare chapters in history, analysis and documentation of student politics.

This book deciphers patterns of key student movements in Pakistan through extensive historical information and fresh analytical approaches. Readers are provided with additional evidence through interviews of 24 past student leaders and a detailed chronology of events.

The author argues that a fundamental transition in student politics of Pakistan is in the making due to changes in the academic environment, socio-political variations and shifts in resource building and motivational stimulus for students of the nation.

The book maintains that all stakeholders of student politics will have to readjust to new realities; including the need to reform governance structures of the higher education for multi-stakeholder participation in the system.

Useful for those who are concerned over youth violence and sensitive to women participation in Pakistani campuses, this highly original study will be of interest to students, educationists, political activists, researchers, civil society and public interest leaders, media persons, policy makers and the government functionaries.

Supported by Heinrich Boll Stiftung (HBS)

Lead / Researcher & Author: Iqbal Haider Butt

Download the Complete Book (PDF, 90 pages, 4.08 MB)